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[IP] With regards to Shawna's comment

I read your post and I too was told that I was getting a D-Tron and that was 
all there was to it. Mine too hangs down my leg, if I wear the waist belt I 
look like I am 6 months pregnant!! The Endo I had, you'll notice I said had, 
made things very miserable for me. I did not want this pump and now, I have 
to wait for another three years before I can finally get rid of it. Yes, size 
does matter! I wish I had known someone who was on a pump that could have 
told me that I did not have to get this one. Yes, everyday I feel like a 
whale with this thing on. 
Sorry, I really needed to vent! I have nothing against the makers of the 
pump, but good grief, why in heck does it have to be so darn HUGH?
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