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Re: [IP] Swimming

My Joshua is the pumper.  When he first started pumping 3+ years ago NOTHING
would stick to his skin.  We were averaging 5-6 sites in 7 days.  Then we
found out about Mastisol Liquid Adhesive.  Now the sites stick to him, even
when in a pool for hours or in the hot tub!  I firmly believe that if not
for this stuff Josh would not be able to pump!

Ferndale Laboratories  www.ferndalelabs.com  (888) 548-0900

This comes in either a 4 oz bottle, about $20.00 (US) or individual one-use
vials.bring LOTS of $$$$.  These are terribly expensive.

I use a QTip dipped in the liquid and swab a circle on the site area,
leaving the center free of Mastisol.  Fan this for a second to allow it to
start getting tacky (we learned this step the HARD way.LOL.!!!!)  Insert and
VOILA!!!  They also sell Detachol, an Adhesive remover.  We never used ours.
This stuff is really cheap, like $10.00 for the bottle.  We use an adhesive
remover pad I get from our local Navy hospital.  Then I top off all the old
sites with Neosporin to help prevent infections.  This also helps promote
healing.  Our endo loves how Josh's skin looks.no scars!

Hope this helps.  It sure has mhelped us!!

mom to Joshua
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