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Re: [IP] first meters

The Dextrometer was also my first device. Not only did it require AC power,
it was also extremely sensative to moisture so you had to take it out of the
bathroom before taking a shower and steaming up the room.

Peter A. Gordon
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> As a diabetes nurse educator, CDE, I remember the first meter I ever saw.
> was the Ames Dextrometer. It had to be plugged into the wall, calibrated
> time it was used, took a tremendous drop of blood that had to be washed
> with a little wash bottle of water. The patient who had just bought it
> brought it into our endo office to show it off. WOW, were we impressed. It
> was huge, about the size of a shoebox as I recall. The Autolet was the
> lancing device I was familiar with, as well, affectionately referred to as
> the "guillotine"
> Anne Geller RN, CDE
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