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[IP] This is really frustrating!

After 4 long months, I have finally started pumping, what a joyous occasion, 
right? Wrong!  Now, I'm sure once things get adjusted it will be much 
better, but so far I've been all over the place with my BG's.  I started 
pumping on Tuesday last week, and since I've been everywhere from 50 to over 
400!  A few times I've gone to bed at or close to normal, then when I get up 
to test at 3 am, I've spiked up to 300 or 400, has anyone else experienced 
this?  Do things settle down after a week or so?  Now my doctor will be out 
of the country for the next week so it's up to me to try and adjust basals 
accordingly.  Not to mention I've probably tested close to 100 times in 
about 5 days!  Ouch!

I got a Cozmo, and I do have to say I really like all the features, and it 
seems to be working flawlessly thus far.

I'm also using Quicksets with it.  I've noticed after a day or so of having 
one in, when I bolus, I get a little burning sensation at the site.  Has 
anyone else experienced this, is it normal?  It doesn't seem to be affecting 
the insulin delivery too much, when I do a correction it comes down like it 

Thanks for the help in advance,

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