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[IP] Re: Appearance of pumps

I know for my 18 year old daughter, the appearance of the pump will be a 
primary concern and if it means that her choice will be the "out of network" 
choice for my insurance, I think I will just pay the extra money and be happy 
she has a pump she feels comfortable with.  I have to admit that looks was 
also one of my concerns.  Almost 4 years ago I picked the Minimed 507C in blue 
because I felt it was a more optimistic color even as a 40 something year old. 
And by the way I have had almost no problems with it and have had wonderful 
customer service on the few times I have needed it.

I think I'm due for an upgrade if my insurance will pay for it and am thinking 
I would like to get whatever type my daughter would get (I'm sure if it is 
cool enough for her , it would be cool enough for me!) because then when she 
has questions, I can better help.  I know this has come in handy when she has 
had questions about her One Touch Ulta meter and I'm helping her over the 
phone.  I told her she could get what ever meter she wanted but was glad she 
picked the one I had.

Age 45, Type 1 - 29 1/2 years, pumping 3 1/2 years
and daughter Melinda age 18 - Type 1 - 4 months, MDI 
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