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[IP] Re:Font issues

On Sunday, March 9, 2003, email @ redacted wrote:

> When I receive the digest, some of the notices are in a normal font 
> (Times
> Roman) and others are in Times Roman Strikeout - I've noticed it over 
> the
> years and it seems to be caused by various members.  Do we know what 
> causes
> this and can we request in general that memebers stop doing whatever.  
> It
> makes the submissions very hard to read

Bob, I recently changed my membership in this list from aol.com, but 
since I haven't cancelled it yet, I forwarded digest #117 to my old aol 
address.  While the digest came through fine on mac.com, on the aol 
address it had the strikeouts you mentioned, starting at the end of Lea 
Idlewine's message about MM letter.  Yes, I also had had them 
occasionally over the years (as well as missing a lot of digests.)  So 
I suspect, also, that it is an aol problem.

Linda Z
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