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Re: [IP] Re:Question for Cozmo users re:thickness of pump

> We love
> the features of the Cozmo but are bit concerned about its thickness since
> usually "hides" her pump by putting it in her pocket.  The Cozmo will
> out of her pocket more than her current pump (which is the same size as
> 508). Does anyone who has switched from an older MiniMed to a Cozmo
> this a problem? Any suggestions?  She would prefer not to wear the pump so
> that everyone can see it.

Have you seen the Cozmo?  When I read its measurements, I thought it was
going to be noticeably bigger than my current pump (a 507, same size as
yours).  But when I saw it, I couldn't really tell any difference.  I even
held it side by side with my 507, and only then noticed a tiny bit of
difference in the thickness.

I wear my pump in my pocket as well, and tried it in my pocket when I saw
it.  I thought the difference was negligible.  Of course, your daughter's

Probably the best thing for her to do is look at it, maybe even trial it,
and see what she thinks.  But my concerns about the size fell by the wayside
as soon as I saw the pump.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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