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Re: [IP] cozmo users

Actually, I don't have a Cozmo, though I have looked at one and do seem to
know a little better how they work than some of the others on the list.  I
think that's because I'm leaning toward the Cozmo when I finally do replace
my very old 507.

And I don't use Novolog, either.  I'm not sure of the duration to put, but
I'd probably do 2.5 hours, because though it does drop a little after two
hours (with Humalog), it isn't by much.

Good luck getting Kevin's set up just right.  And keep us informed how it
goes.  I've been paying attention to all the Cozmo talk, and unless
something big scares me off, I'll probably be pumping with my own Cozmo

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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> Hi! I had a question. do you use Novalog insulin while pumping with the
> If so, how much time did you put in the Cozmo for the "duration of insulin
> action" I have 2 hours in ours because usually at 2 hours pp, if he is not
> range, we can do a correction without him going low. Just curious what
> Cozmo users do.
> Robin
> Mom to Kevin
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