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[IP] Accu-check meter

email @ redacted writes:
>It was nice to have the visual capability, but not so nice that I need to go

  I did not like those color compare tests. That's all I had for four of what
seemed the longest years of my life. I had migraine headaches twice a month
because of lows that the strips did not pick up, neither my parents or my Dr
made the
 connection to bg until I got my first meter. A friend shoed us his in 1990, we
thought we were informed but had never heard of meters. It was so expensive that
another friend of the family lent my parents the $300 to buy it! That was one of
 best years of my childhood, accurate bg readings changed my life almost as much
as the pump has. Does any one remember the Direct 3030 meter? It used no strips
you applied the sample directly to a sensor. I don't think they made much money
 because when they had computer problems after a year they recalled them and
closed down I think. All of the former Direct 3030 users had a free Onetouch II
sent to them. Very clever of Life Scan, my parents got their $300 back from
Direct 3030,
 and I have been using free Life Scan upgrades ever since! Would some other
people tell there first meter stories?
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