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Re: [IP] Apearance of Pumps

>>I picked the MM508 because of its appearance, nothing else.  Now my CDE is
 > >insisting that I switch to the D-tron because she doesn't personally like MM
>  >Weird Jenn
>   You have a right to feel this way just as much as any D-tron user 
>has a right
>to like there own pump. CDE's should not let their own opinion be 
>the end all be
>all of pumping. The CDE at my Endo's office was very nasty about my getting an
>  she still won't see me even though I'm fully trained (not that I would want
>to). I'm glad my Endo was open minded and said that all pumps are good and I
>would like what ever I chose to get.

Don't give up on her, Phoenix.   One of these days you may get that 
CDE trained so that she isn't so "non-compliant"  I'm surprised the 
Endo hasn't gotten her into 'control'      ;>)

-  (who believes that all Med Practitioners should be "compliant")
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