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[IP] Apearance of Pumps

email @ redacted writes:
>Thank you, Summer, for saying that.  I thought I was the only one with that 
>I picked the MM508 because of its appearance, nothing else.  Now my CDE is 
>insisting that I switch to the D-tron because she doesn't personally like MM 
>products, and has told me that I'm being childish about the appearance.  The 
>D-Tron hangs halfway down the side of my leg when its lengthwise, and if I 
>wear it the other way, its in the way.
>Weird Jenn

  You have a right to feel this way just as much as any D-tron user has a right
to like there own pump. CDE's should not let their own opinion be the end all be
all of pumping. The CDE at my Endo's office was very nasty about my getting an
 she still won't see me even though I'm fully trained (not that I would want
to). I'm glad my Endo was open minded and said that all pumps are good and I
would like what ever I chose to get.
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