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Re: [IP] Font issues

At 1:03 PM -0500 3/9/03, len lutz wrote:
>-- not to argue with what george has said, but, i think, its as much 
>an issue of
>"what someone has sent", as much as "what your email client has received"
>your email client "most likely" would not be "formatting something" 
>i sent you "unformatted"
>it seems, for whatever reason, that a lot of the postings on 
>pumpers, when i copy into
>my email program, have some formatting.. i always have to remove it.

Everything that comes into IP, no matter how formatted, leaves IP 
without any HTML encoding.  The DeMime program makes sure of that. 
And it also removes any attachments so that you do not have to worry 
about IP sending out any viruses.  This is a "text only" mailing list.

You say that "your email client 'most likely' would not be 
'formatting something',"  but you failed to note that his "email 
client" is AOL, and we all know how AOL is with the internet.

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