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Re: [IP] Font issues

At 3/9/2003, 10:03 AM len lutz wrote:
 >-- not to argue with what george has said, but, i think, its as much an
 >issue of
 >"what someone has sent", as much as "what your email client has received"
 >your email client "most likely" would not be "formatting something" i sent
 >you "unformatted"
 >it seems, for whatever reason, that a lot of the postings on pumpers, when
 >i copy into
 >my email program, have some formatting.. i always have to remove it.

There is absolutely no formatting in the messages sent out from this list. 
It is totally stripped out. Therefore, any formatting you see on your 
screen is put in there by your email program.

(Along with George, one of the volunteer Admins)
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