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Re: [IP] Paradigm exact same as H-tron - NOT

>  NOPE at least not through my eyes, the H-tron DOES NOT look exactly like the
>paradigm- there are many differences( the leur lock lump, the button placement
>and shape, the screen) and other then the clip case, the other cases 
>are pretty
>ugly. I know you can buy cases from other places and all but my pump 
>came with a
>great looking leather case and I now have the awesome clip case. The Dahedi -
>can you not see the differences?? All the distronic pumps have the 
>big lump for
>infusion set sticking out - I hate that. And I don't like the buttons and so
>many other things, I think its important to purchase a pump that is 
>suitable for
>your life style and is to your liking, so if your getting a pump for your 17
>year old daughter it would be best to get a pump so won't ashamed of and to
>embarrased to show off!

Forgive me, Summer.  I was being way to broad in saying that it was 
EXACTLY LIKE the Paradigm, there are significant differences in 
operation.  But speaking in general terms of appearance, they do look 
remarkably alike.  True, the connector on the Paradigm is larger, and 
the battery cover does stick out where the H-trons are level with the 
case surface, but the general shape and size might only distinguish 
themselves differently by the recessed bolus buttons on the H-tron. 
I guess I was still in reaction to those who belittled my H-tron 
saying "the MM looks more like a pagers", and then MM coming out with 
a pump that, TO ME, looked so remarkably familiar.  To each their own 
and YMMV.

George     :>)
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