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[IP] Re: Appearance of pumps

At 07:43 AM 3/9/03, you wrote:
>I picked the MM508 because of its appearance, nothing else.  Now my CDE is
>insisting that I switch to the D-tron because she doesn't personally like MM
>products, and has told me that I'm being childish about the appearance.  The
>D-Tron hangs halfway down the side of my leg when its lengthwise, and if I
>wear it the other way, its in the way.
>Weird Jenn

While appearance did work into my equation for choosing a pump, I chose my 
H-Tron+ for other reasons than just appearance. One was the fact that I got 
a backup pump, so, should something go wrong with my pump, I don't have to 
wait even 24 hours for a replacement.  The second was that it was 
waterproof (which has now been changed by Disetronic after a very few 
scattered incidences with H-Tron+ pumps and water exposure, mostly due to 
cracks or damage of the pump casing).  While the waterproof feature wasn't 
as important as having the backup pump (which was the most important 
feature, IMO) it has now become very unimportant to me since I have to turn 
off my pump when I participate in watersports anyhow since I always go 
low.  I would, however, like to have other features in my new pump such as 
extended bolus (which even with the temp basal increase I can't quite 
achieve properly with my H-Tron+ since my basals are so low).  I agree with 
the appearance of the D-Tron, I had the opportunity to upgrade to it, but 
at the time it was only a one-pump deal and I was not comfortable with the 
way it operated and also it didn't quite have the ability, in my opinion, 
to bolus easily from inside of clothing without looking at it.  For the 
most part, however, I'm very happy with my H-Tron+ which has been a very 
reliable pump.

Everyone has their own reasons for choosing their particular pump, and I 
don't think anyone should criticize them for whatever reason or reasons 
they had for their choice.

dxd 1963, pumping 2000
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