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Re: [IP] Starting Animas 3/11/03 Appreciate any advice.

> Karen Kaiser wrote:
> >I will be starting my Animas pump tues 3/11.  would like any advice from
> >any Animas users on any good tips for for warnings of what to do or what
> > not to do. In general your beginning experience. Karen


I'm a newbie -- started on 12/30.  My beginning experience was a breeze.
Had good BGs and a 6.5 A1c.

Your pump trainer should be available to you and for those problems on after
hours, you can call Animas after hours.  The phone number is on the back of
your pump.

Two thing I have learned.

Have a spare set of batteries.  Mine started beeping every three minutes and
then alarming when the battery went low.  I had to go to the store in a snow
storm during my first low battery experience.

I always carry extra insulin and a needle for my cartridge.  YMMV.  I
completely ran out of insulin while I was away from home.  Luckily I was
getting ready to go home and it was only 20 miles.  But still, the pumps
beeped every three minutes and set an alarm if you didn't pay attention to
the beeps.

Welcome to the Animas family.  I think you will do fine!

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