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Re: [IP] Re: Accu-check meter


Do you remember the lancet device that looked like a jackhammer?  It was the 
Autolet and was dark blue.  It had those yellow platforms.  For me, the 
introduction of these machines most likely saved my life.  I had been doing 
the urine testing thing and had already realized how feeble these tests were 
when a person wanted to achieve some sort of control.  My first machine was 
the Ames Glucometer that was a wet wash system.  I purposely did not pick the 
AccuChek machine because I thought I would have trouble keeping the machine 
clean.  For a while I did use the AccuChek visual blood strips and cut them 
into thirds.  At the time I was a poor college student with no insurance for 
blood strips.  Haven't we come a long way?  Gotta go.

Cee Dee
diagnosed IDDM 12/18/67, married 10/83, first pump (Travenol) started 01/84, 
broke elbow 02/84, one and only laser surgery 03/84--at that point in time I 
told my new husband I would understand if he wanted to run away right then.  
Must have loved me because he is still around.  Two sons born by c-section.  
First 04/90 (our brown haired brown eyed kid) weighed 9 lbs 8 oz. Second born 
01/93, (our blue eyed blonde) he weighed 10 lbs. 08 oz.  Both are extremely 
thin now and are straight A students.
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