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Re: [IP] Re: Accu-check meter

> Whats the name of the meter?? I tried to look it up but can't tell which
> you mean. Do you use it? Am currious as to why you'd look at the bottle to
> compare reading.

It must be the Accuchek Active.

The visual reading capability brings back memories of my first meter when I
was diagnosed in '85.  An Accuchek II.  It used a HUGE drop of blood and the
test period was two minutes.  After one minute, you wiped, and in two it
gave a reading.  If you didn't have the meter handy, you could hold the
strip up to the vial to estimate what number it was closest to.

Several years later I got a One-Touch II and was amazed at how much smaller
the test area was.  Now even THAT seems huge.

Sometimes, when I use my Ultra, I think how far we've come.  A tiny drop of
blood, a lancet device that doesn't look brutal, and a five second test.
Even arm testing.

It was nice to have the visual capability, but not so nice that I need to go

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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