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Re: [IP] Any good stories about the Paradigm??

As I've seen others say (in this thread, or others), most users are
particular to the pump that they are using. I (over the past 22 years have
worn pumps from several manufacturers. I beleive that my experience with
each was good and can honestly say that the service and support from each
vendor was good.

I am currently using the DTRON+. Although I'm reading that they are bulky or
conspicuous, I looked at both the DTRON and HTRON side by side, and the
DTRON (separately) looks muct larger, it in fact is only about 1/2" longer
than the HTRON.

Wth that said, they are a far cry smaller the pumps I've used in the past.
My first pump was roughly the size (Length & Width) the size if a brick
(much thinner though). As far as it being conspicuous, all pumps have that
potential. If you want to hide it, there are ways to hide any pump.

I've found that the features that sold me far outweighed any of the
"pitfalls" of this device.

Peter A. Gordon
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>  >Liz, just say that the "D-tron is too conspicuous for your 18 year
>  >old", because Disetronic does have two other pumps.  The H-tron is
>  >very similar in size to most other pumps, and the Dahedi is a small
>  >size like the Paradigm, but does hold 300 units.  Speaking of, why
>  >don't some of our Dahedi users let us in on how this pump works for
>  >them?
> Obviously, diabetes is having a worse effect on my eyesight, then i though
> The post was "Any good stories about the Paradigm"..... is this a response
> to that ,
> or am i nuts (i might be, but, thats not the issue)
> btw, i ware the d-tron, and would'nt trade it for a CASE, of any other
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