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[IP] Paradigm exact same as H-tron - NOT

 NOPE at least not through my eyes, the H-tron DOES NOT look exactly like the
paradigm- there are many differences( the leur lock lump, the button placement
and shape, the screen) and other then the clip case, the other cases are pretty
ugly. I know you can buy cases from other places and all but my pump came with a
great looking leather case and I now have the awesome clip case. The Dahedi -
can you not see the differences?? All the distronic pumps have the big lump for
infusion set sticking out - I hate that. And I don't like the buttons and so
many other things, I think its important to purchase a pump that is suitable for
your life style and is to your liking, so if your getting a pump for your 17
year old daughter it would be best to get a pump so won't ashamed of and to
embarrased to show off!

 It doesn't apply to everyone, but looks are important and I think it's
important for those that care to get a pump that the're proud of!

And I'm proud of my paradigm.
Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)
Pumping Nov.12/02 - Blue Paradigm

> Again, I disagree!  Though you might say that about the D-tron, 
> but 
> as far as the H-tron and particularly the Dahedi, you can't object 
> to 
> either the size or appearance. As a matter of fact, I don't 
> understand how you can say that about an H-tron since it LOOKS 
> EXACTLY like a Paradigm.  People argued with me over choosing the 
> H-tron "get a Minimed, it looks more like a pager!"   Well, I 
> don't 
> care for the look of pagers!      ;>)
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