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Re: [IP] re: individual health coverage

>   You stated in our email that ifyou were a diabetic MALE you would be
> a good $200.00 less.  If you have proof of this statement you have a case
> for a law suit against BCBS.  That is out and out discrimination and

I'm not sure this is true, especially if maternity coverage is included.
Women simply ARE more apt to have medical bills, because we have more
equipment and more medical needs.

An insurance company being aware that this is true and charging accordingly
isn't being sexist.  It isn't discriminating.  It is being aware that men
and women are different and taking this into account in their billing.

For that reason, I doubt that pretending that men and women are identical
and demanding "equal treatment" would get anywhere or do any good.

About the only legitimate gripe women have regarding medical insurance
issues is that Viagra is covered for men, whereas birth control for women is
not.  Even though that may be a legitimate gripe, though, it is still legal
and well known.  Insurance companies (so far) are not bowing to pressure
from a public that doesn't like that difference.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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