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RE: [IP] Any good stories about the Paradigm?????

I realize that there have been many, many problems with the Paradigm, 

I went on a paradigm as soon as they came out.  Love it.  I've had no
problems with it at all.
Only issues I can think of are;

1.  You can only load 170 to 175 units in the syringe, not a problem if
that's a 3 to 3 1/2 day supply for you.

2.  Battery life is not as long as what everyone was used to with the
earlier Minimeds.  Also If you get a low battery alarm, believe it and go
ahead and change the battery.  

3.  I get a little tired of having to verify I'm using U100 insulin every
time I reload.  This is the only thing I wish they could fix.  

Take Care
Bob P.
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