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[IP] cozmo users

Has anyone noticed that the "one touch" feature is hard when you push
"deliver"? I can do the one touch part fine, but then when it comes to the
delivery...if you don't push it just right it goes back to a home screen....

Other than that....I LOVE this Cozmo. Kevin and I are doing "duel bolusing"
right now. I'm wearing the cozmo not hooked up and he's bolusing with his
Hton. We see who's pump is bolusing faster, and what the Cozmo suggests to do.
It has been fun...I look forward to every bolus now. It is so exact! Kevin
does a correction of 1 unit(for instance) with his Htron, and I can do a .95
with the Cozmo! Love it! I also love that you can do a basal of .35! Way

Thanks for all your help getting started. He will hook up after training on

Mom to Kevin, 14, dx 12/98
pumping 5/99
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