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[IP] insurance problems

OK everyone I need some help please!  I just found out yesterday that my
"insurance" is no longer covering the cost of diabetic supplies.  Since I am
not on a pump yet, this means they will pay for all of my oral meds and my
insulin but not my test strips or syringes!  (ok I want to know how they
expect me to get the insulin in me!)  Anyway I am currently using a Freestyle
meter which I love.  The stips cost about 70 bucks for 100 at my pharmacy (I
have found them online for about 50 bucks for 100).  What meters do you all
use and how much do the strips cost?  If I can find a meter that has cheaper
strips I will get one and use that until I get a job and can afford strips for
my Freestyle.  If I cannot get another meter with cheaper strips does anyone
know where I can get ones for the Freestyle any cheaper?  Or better yet how I
can get my "insurance" to pay for them?  Or if I can get other insurance that
will?  Email me privately if you dont want to post on the list please!  I
really need help!  Im poor!  :-)

I dont remember if you all remember or not but I dont have an insurance
company because my husband and I are students.  We have a county run medical
program called CMSP because we also dont qualify for medi-cal.

Also an update on my pump:  Minimed is sending my claim to CMSP and said that
if all goes well they will approve me for a pump in about 45 days!!!!!!!!!!!!
I cant wait!
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