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Re: [IP] im a newbie :) - Worried about Husband

Celia said:
one of my worries about the pump:  my husband.  my doc fitted me with a
cannula (sp?) just so I could try it out for a couple of days and it freaked
my husband out. 

I know this post is kind of late, but I thought it might help:

 Maybe it would help your husband to feel better if he could try wearing a
cannula, or even a pump with saline for a few days?

 I was a little worried myself, before I went on the pump, about how the
cannulas would feel when I moved, touched it, slept on top of it. When I met
someone with a pump for the first time (actually a friend from camp years ago)
she told me that they didn't bother her at all and since I knew her I believed
her more than the things I had read. I was not totally reassured, however,
untill I had worn a cannula myself.
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