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Re: [IP] re: individual health coverage

Ashley wrote:
> I am a student working on my master's in education and work part
> time, so it is up to me to cover myself.  It is HARD.  I have blue
> cross blue shield of missouri and for individuals (those who are
> self employed or are not covered by employer) I pay $441.00 a month!

You might want to consider switching schools. A great many schools 
have very low cost student health insurnance. My daughter's plan at 
UC San Diego (diabetic) and my son's plan at UC Davis are a little 
over $500 per YEAR. There are some gaps in the coverage, but not 
where major medical is concerened. Some but not all supplies are 
covered, but even with the gaps, and paying for some supplies out of 
pocket, it is nowhere near the $400 buck a month that you must pay.

A little research on your part for a different school and what health 
care is offered may get you a better and lower cost quality of life 
with the same or better education.

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