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Re: [IP] re: individual health coverage

Lea wrote:
> <<<I need some information from all of the IPers.  I hope to be
> starting my own business in the next couple years.  What I'm
> interested in is information/ideas on obtainin health insurance.  I
> know there are many members on this list that aren't covered by
> health insurance through places of employment.  From the 4000+
> members, there MUST be someone that has their own business and has
> procured health insurance in other ways.  Can any of you help me? 
> Any and all information would be greatly appreciated!

In most states, if your "company" has two (three?)  or more employees 
then you are eligible for group coverage. With group coverage there 
are no pre-existing restrictions that operate long term. For private 
coverage it can be very difficult. Some states have mandatory 
coverage of last resort if you are refused elsewhere, but it is 
pricey as you are finding out.

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