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[IP] MM letters

The way I read the thread was that some of us aren't getting any 
correspondence from MMM and are curious about the content of the letters.  
YIMV (your interpretation may vary)

IMHO, when I do business with ANY company, small or HUGE, like MMM, I'm 
pleased if there is some sort of contact from them at least acknowledging my 
continued business.  *YMMV*

AND, when I said *you had to tell*, I apologize *profusely* that I used a 
word that you interpreted differently than I meant it.  What I *meant* was 
that you were compelled (you may now reply to me that you weren't compelled, 
either), *like I was* to tell how much contact you've had from MMM in the 

THE END...I will not comment on this further, so you can have the last word.

<<No, I didn't *have to* tell, I gave info of my experience that I don't 
feel it is necessary for them to be writing letters for the fun of it. ;-) 
MMM (Medtronic MiniMed) just came about a year or so ago (so no long history 
with MMM, yes with but MM) and I got a letter announcing that merger. Before 
that, I do not recall any letters as there was no need to receive any.  
Prices are high enough without increased postage for non-essential letters - 
which, of course, would be passed onto us via costs. <s>  The way I read the 
thread was people were not happy cuz they don't receive letters often 
enough. Invoices are to be expected since we purchase products and those are 
part of the game, but IMO letters aren't really required in the mix. YMMV??  
Jan >>

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