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[IP] Re: ... and having babies

At 11:50 AM 3/8/03, jhughey wrote:
>Even if they wwre 4+ all the time didn't tell the true story as it depended
>on the DMer's renal threshold. I knew a lady whose dh didn't spill any sugar
>until 286 which probably registered as a trace or 1+. Then someone else
>might have 4+ and not really have that high of a BG but a low renal
>threshold. YMMV

Well, actually I was referring to being pregnant.  If a person tested 4+ 
all the time while pregnant the doctors had a fit regardless of any renal 
threshold.  The rest of the time, I thought urine testing was a big waste 
of time and never bothered with it except for when I was pregnant since it 
was all we had at the time.

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