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Re: [IP] MM letters

At 11:50 AM 3/8/03, jhughey wrote:
>So, what you're saying is I should have at least been notified of the
>buyout/merger with Medtronic?  I don't think any of us were complaining that
>we're not getting regular letters from MMM, I think we were just doing a
>little comparison of contact that we've had "after the sale" that doesn't
>include an invoice.  See, you even had to tell how often you've been
>contacted in your long history with MMM!!!  :)

I was notified by MM a few months back when I should order new 
supplies.  Now I'm down to my last box of QuickSets and no reminder letter, 
so I guess I'll just call the number I have and order them sans 
letter.  Personally, I think they talk a good game, but they pretty much 
fall a bit short on their promises sometimes.  But then, don't they all?

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