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Re: [IP] Finding an endocrinologist


 I moved to the US from Canada, and have been getting used to the US health
care system, my hubby is in the Air Force, so we have the tricare. The way I
go to see my endo, is i first go see the doc on base(i guess she would be my
primary care doc) and she then gets me a referal. Later in the week I would
get a letter from tricare, telling me what endo to call, now that i have
established a endo, it would be that same doc, then i phone and book appt
etc etc.... thats how it works for me. If you have any other questions I
would phone your insurance co. to enquire.
Good luck!
Tami in Tucson

I am in desperate need of some assistance. My husband recently got out of
Marine Corps and I have only been in the US for a couple of years so I have
absolutely no idea how the heath care system works regarding my diabetes. We
have insurance (we paid heaps of money to have the insurance that we had in
military carried over). The main thing I would like to know please is how to
about finding an endocrinologist. Do I need a referal from a doctor or can I
just call around and find one who accepts my insurance? I am in desperate
of one so any help will certainly be appreciated. Thanks.
Jacqueline Hall
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