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Re: [IP] Any good stories about the Paradigm?????

Although I have had massive problems with my 508 and Paradigm pumps, my
son has had both also and he is very happy with his pump.  He did get
one E-21 error on his Paradigm and MM promptly sent him a replacement
loaner, and he has not had any further trouble since then.  He would not
change brands and loves his Paradigm pump.

So, although we live in the same house and started pumping at about the
same time, he doesn't think he would get any other brand when it came
time for a new pump, and I would probably never get another MM pump.  I
know MANY people who are very happy with their Paradigm pumps and know
that I am an unusual case.  I just seem to be one of those cases where
once something went wrong with a company, nothing goes right from then
on.  It's totally amazing some of the screw ups that have happened to me
with MM, but I think I am not the rule but the exception.

Judi in MI
email @ redacted
> I realize that there have been many, many problems with the Paradigm, but
> would like to hear from those of you (if there are any) who have not had
> major problems.
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