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RE [IP] blood glucose meters ??

-im a bit "confrused " here
is the new bd, the ultra smart, or is there a new bd and  the "ultra smart"

Does  the ultra smart use the same strips as the "ultra one touch" ??

I have a real problem, with the "one touch" strips. they seem to
"trigger" when they touch the blood. if the drop is not large enough, i end 
with an E5.
i throw away 1 out of every 3 strips. (i poke my wrist, not my fingers)

i use the freestyle, and have been VERY SATISFIED with it, but, im always 
interested in whats new

len dxdm 1956 pmp 10/10/02
Lately It Occurs To Me, What A Long Strange Trip Its Been (R. Hunter)
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