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[IP] Happy Pumper

Hi Fellow Pumpers;

     I started pumping on 1-08-03 and got my pumping certificate on
3-01-03. My CD released me to my endo.Everything is going fine,ultimate
goal was to have a piece of PIZZA.My CD told me to take 1/3 of my bolus
at the time of eating the pizza(2u) and the other 2/3's (4u)two hours
later.The end result 108 WOW,died and went to heaven.

     On another subject the GlucoWatch, got a call from the insurance
company stating that I was rejected.It did not bother me that much since
I had heard pros and cons about the watch,I did mention that I was on
the Animas pump and very happy with the results.About five minuets later
I got a call back from the insurance company stating that i was not
rejected,but accepted since I was over seven years old and on a pump.I
am not sure what makes me happier the watch or the pizza(I"ll take the

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