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RE: [IP] MM letters

We are finally getting Emily's paradigm meter on Monday!  We are all very
excited.  I don't comment much but this email list is teaching me a lot.
Thanks so much.
Teresa, mom of Emily (10)dxd 10/2000 Not yet pumping but soon!

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>>>I think we were just doing a little comparison of contact that we've had
"after the sale" that doesn't include an invoice.  See, you even had to tell
how often you've been contacted in your long history with MMM!!!  :) >>>

<<<In 11 years (forgot it's 2003 now) of being their customer, I think I've
rec'd 2 letters, maybe three. There really isn't any reason to send out
thousands and thousands of letters unless something major comes up - like a
merger or announcement. ;-) >>>

No, I didn't *have to* tell, I gave info of my experience that I don't feel
it is necessary for them to be writing letters for the fun of it. ;-) MMM
(Medtronic MiniMed) just came about a year or so ago (so no long history
with MMM, yes with but MM) and I got a letter announcing that merger. Before
that, I do not recall any letters as there was no need to receive any.

Prices are high enough without increased postage for non-essential letters -
which, of course, would be passed onto us via costs. <s>

The way I read the thread was people were not happy cuz they don't receive
letters often enough. Invoices are to be expected since we purchase products
and those are part of the game, but IMO letters aren't really required in
the mix. YMMV??

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