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[IP] John's Cozmo Struggle.

I'm well into my third month of waiting on my Cozmo, and I am now 
more determined than ever to get a pump.  My Doc and CDE recently 
switched me over to Lantus/Novolog, and I have not been a happy 
camper so far.  Especially since I can see trends in my BG values 
already that are going to be a pain on MDI (I need multiple Basal 
Rates).  But I have a wait ahead of me still.  Deltec has gotten me a 
draft appeal letter, and I have an appointment with my doc to see if 
I can enlist her help on filing this appeal.  I have been keeping my 
weblog up to date, but fair warning, it is getting pretty long to 


"Never offend people with style when you can
offend them with substance." --Sam Brown
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