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Re: [IP] perinatologist & my 20 week sonogram results (Hey Janet!!!)

In a message dated 3/7/2003 6:35:25 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> It sure was awesome to have that sonogram! We saw our SON! for the first 
> time
> since he's grown to look like a human!:-) My last sono was at 6 weeks and he
> just looked like a little nugget. Everything looks great so far (details 
> below)!
> I'll go back in 10 more weeks for another one but will see the OB MUCH more
> often than that.

We also just had our 20 week sonogram, we are having a girl, naming her 
Kayleigh Michelle. This was our third sonogram, we first saw her when she was 
just what the doctor called a gestational sac. There really wasn't much 
there, I was only about 4 weeks pregnant at the time. I had this weird 
feeling that I was pregnant and took four tests before I would believe it. We 
had struggled to get pregnant the first time, after suffering a miscarriage 
(which is how I found out that i was diabetic, btw) we even took Clomid for 
two cycles before we concieved TJ who is now three. Micah was a complete 
suprise two years later. We weren't trying to get pregnant but we weren't 
"not" trying either. We were "done" after Micah but I guess God had other 
plans for us.

>>We did get an unexpected shock! We found out that evidently Alex's (that's 
we are naming him:-) left hand didn't fully develop! His right hand is 
but his left hand doesn't seem to have the 4 fingers. We saw the left thumb 
the Dr. just couldn't see the left hand's 4 fingers. His hand seems to stop 
his first knuckles BUT HE DOES HAVE HIS THUMB! <<

Sonograms can be so tricky! When I had my 3D sonogram with Micah it looked 
like one of his legs stopped right below the knee. Gave me quite a shock! But 
babies are such a gift. With Micah, they told us that he had Trisomy 18, a 
fatal genetic disorder. I had the amnio to make sure and I'm glad that I did. 
It turns out that I have a Translocated Chromosone and because I have this it 
sets off the marker for Trisomy 18 in the AFP. Technology is great but also 
still REALLY unreliable at this point in a lot of ways. Your baby boy will be 
just as precious, no matter what.

>>It just goes to show that even though we read so many pumping Moms write 
about how easy and carefree their pregnancies were even with "plenty of high 

Although I had truly easy and quick labors, I can honestly say that my 
pregnancies themselves have been HARD! This one being the hardest yet. I 
really struggled with my bs's this time before I got my pump. I went from a 
10.7 A1C to a 4.2. I was told that my A1C was a little low by a couple of 
people!  MY doc made a point when I first went this time. She said that I 
should keep my bs's under control not only for my baby but also for my kids 
so that I can be around to see them for a long time to come!

>>If the hand issue is the only thing that goes awry then we'll be just fine 

I Love your attitude, you are a real inspiration to me and I will think about 
you when I  get whiney because I am still having morning sickness in the 
second trimester. Good luck to you and please, lets keep in touch and trade 
pregnancy stories. My EDD is July 18th btw. When is yours Janet???

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