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Re: [IP] Re: Minimed getting frustrated

I received the letter about the new telephone number a few months ago.  My
guess is they are working through their lists and sending them out as soon
as they can get someone to stuff them.  The main idea is there is a new
number, but the old numbers still work.

Now, I also received an invoice recently from two years ago.  I called
immediately to complain since I had been told by a Minimed rep back then
that it had been resolved.  The problem was we talked back in forth by email
until the final resolution had been made and then she called to tell me the
good news.  So I don't have any written record of the conversation.  Bummer.
I also changed insurance companies over a year ago and shudder to have to
deal with having this covered now.  The Medtronic person I got ahold of was
very helpful and said they would start a review of the situation and let me
know when they had a resolution.  Of course that was two weeks ago and I
have heard nothing.  The person also told me that this was my only
outstanding bill, since I was furious I didn't know about this one being

Other than this, I have had no complaints about Minimed, or now
Medtronic-Minimed.  I have a feeling they are following up on outstanding
paperwork and trying to find money to make this quarter look better.

-- Sherry
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