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[IP] success in one of our battles

Hi friends

Just updating you all. Patricia has been diabetic since age 2. Then we
finally found out why she was so brittle with her celiac and all it's
problems, plus all her learning disabilities. We tried to get an income tax
disability status for her and was told back then no. Well, last year I went
whole hog and sent in big letters, medical papers, doctor's comments
etc..That was last year and they said no. Then they sent us a letter 6
months after that saying they were looking into it. I called last week
asking what the status of that file was as it's almost tax time again.

This nice lady said it was in head quarters and she said they sit on them
for months.She was going to call on my behalf and get back to me. That was
Friday. Today she called. We were granted full status for the income tax
disability status. For Canadians, that means all of Patricia's needs like
over the counter, appointments, camps, and special foods can now be accepted
as part of our claim. She will be given that status and I will be given care
giver claim status. This is simply a miracle as we were told it never gets
done. Then another Mom out West fought for her son and won. Then another. I
did not have to take it to the Court level as they decided we deserved this
I guess.
It will mean a better coverage and refund at tax time and right now we are
in need enough to simply say this is nothing short of a miracle by God's

We are thankful and want to thank all for supporting us in this battle.

Jana Mom to Patricia and many more...
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