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RE: [IP] perinatologist & my 20 week sonogram results

Hi Melissa and all (especially all you other pregnant pumpers out there!),
 I found your post interesting! I am going to my OB for whom my insurance
doesn't require a referral (I have Cigna HMO). It was finally time for me to go
see the perinatologist this week for my "week 20" "level 2" sonogram. The OB DID
have to get a referral for me to see him and I had to pay the higher
"specialist" co-pay (only $25). The interesting thing to me is that I tried to
look up perinatologists covered by CIGNA on my Dr. list and perinatologist was
not an option to select--I'm speaking of their web-site obviously. But he is on
CIGNA otherwise I couldn't have gotten the referral to see him.
So, I guess it's just a matter of the way different insurance companies work! 
 It sure was awesome to have that sonogram! We saw our SON! for the first time
since he's grown to look like a human!:-) My last sono was at 6 weeks and he
just looked like a little nugget. Everything looks great so far (details below)!
I'll go back in 10 more weeks for another one but will see the OB MUCH more
often than that.
 We did get an unexpected shock! We found out that evidently Alex's (that's what
we are naming him:-) left hand didn't fully develop! His right hand is perfect
but his left hand doesn't seem to have the 4 fingers. We saw the left thumb but
the Dr. just couldn't see the left hand's 4 fingers. His hand seems to stop at
his first knuckles BUT HE DOES HAVE HIS THUMB! We hoped he just had his fist
clamped but the Dr. didn't think so after looking at every angle. So, that was a
hard bit of news to swallow! Especially after all the excellent control I've
kept since way before we got pregnant and my 5.3 & 5.2 A1cs! It just goes to
show that even though we read so many pumping Moms write about how easy and
carefree their pregnancies were even with "plenty of high BGs" God has a
different plan for each of us! That's the way we are looking at it:-) We guess
He decided to give us a little extra challenge with our little miracle!
 Everything else looked perfect and no worries! And I'll keep on with my tight
control and start looking out for the insulin resistance to kick in sometime
soon(I'm at 20 Weeks now).
 If the hand issue is the only thing that goes awry then we'll be just fine and
 I feel like I'm the first pregnant pumper on the list to ever have had anything
go "wrong"!--I hate and refrain from using that word in this case. I haven't
ever read another post that mentioned abnormalities in their babies. We still
consider Alex to be perfect and healthy and will stay on top of monitoring his
 I'm interested to find out about technological developments in orthopedic
surgery/prosthetics for this type of thing. Luckily Dallas had a great pediatric
hospital for this type of thing. We'll have to investigate that.
 Well, I had wanted to share my pregnancy update with some of you with whom I've
chatted with off-list and don't have your email addresses so I had to send it to
the whole list:-) But Melissa (Scullybee), you were one I had wanted to write
Thanks for letting me share!  ONWARD AND UPWARD!
 --janet (Dx @ age 3, 8/78; puming H-tron+ since 6/00; 20 weeks pregnant with

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>>Many insurance policies have one co-pay for regular care - and a slightly
higher one for specialists. OB/GYN (including pregnancy) would be considered
under the lower co-pay as long as you are seeing your regular doc. But with 
referral to the specialist has probably affected that.<<

>I didn't get or need a referral to see the perinatologist. He was listed 
right along with the regular OBGYN's in the provider booklet!!! Thats whats 
so confounding to me!

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