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[IP] Re: health insurance

Hi:  We have two employees, hubby and me.  I decided long ago to be my own
insurance broker.  I know more about pump supplies than any agent I have met,
and it was just far more easy to gather inf. on my own.

You can go through organizations such as Chamber of commerce.  You could try
the National Assoc. of Self-Employed, but you probably wont get anywhere.
They advertise group coverage in the phone book, and then when you call they
say they don't cover individual diabetics, and that what they have is not a
group. Very dishonest!  But all the "shopping for insurance" inf. suggests if
you belong to groups like the Chamber, you have a chance of getting in for

If you want an HMO you can call each one in your area, and ask for an
application.  They will send plans and rates based on how many of you there
are, family or not, and individual rates.  They usually consider a group as
being two or more. Always ask for a sample of every plan you qualify for!

Blue Cross seems to be the most pump friendly, but is not cheap.  I finally
found a local HMO for $475 for two, where everything else was at $575 and up.

If you want to look into indemnity plans--80/20, you can but it gets

This is all based on recent experience with all of this mess.  Our last HMO
raised our rates to $686 per month, and we just couldn't do it.
Email me if you want, I don't mind!
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