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[IP] Re: Some questions about the Cozmo

My daughter, age 10, has been pumping with the Cozmo for about 5 weeks now.
WE LOVE IT.  The BS test reminder is great, except that it can't be turned off
only at night, so we wait up until 2 hours after her bedtime snack to check
her and turn it off-otherwise it will beep all night--it really isn't loud
enough to wake you up.

I also love the fact that you can program in a reminder if you miss a meal
bolus--she did yesterday for the first time, but the pump soon reminder her of
her mistake.

The software is the only disappointment we have had, and apparently from the
discussion on the chat on Monday, later versions will be better.  We have had
some problems getting the pump to "communicate" with the IR port--the pump has
to be placed just so.  Also, there is no graphing capabilities right now.  The
software can give you a written list of every event that has happened, but it
does not graph it to look at trends.  Presently the software does let you
"customize" the pump--name the pump and enter my cell phone number on the
third home screen.  It also lets you name your basal patterns ("Weekdays"
rather than "Basal Pattern 1").  It also lets you program in a custom bolus
(We did one for "Popcorn" her favorite afternoon snack).  Personally, however,
if I realize it did not graph the blood glucose results, I probably would have
waited for a later version.


-----Subject: [IP] Some questions about the Cozmo

OK here are some questions I have about the Cozmo...

First.. does anyone know how it does with static electricity?  I have two
small kids who love to slide down those plastic slides that give off those
wonderful sparks.  How does this pump do?? My current pump has never had any
issues with it.

Next... Does anyone use the reminders for checking your BG?  Does it help?
is it more of a pain then its worth?

Third.. Does anyone know what their (Deltec's) Policy is if the pump stops
working and cant be fixed.. what do they do?? How fast do they claim to fix
the problem??

Forth.. The software you can get to "personalize" the pump.. Have any IP
bought it.. do you think its worthwhile?? Suggestions about it?? ie buy it

I guess thats all I can think of now.  Anyone who might know the answers to
these would be appriciated.

Thanks!  Joni
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