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Re: [IP] cozmo dosing units vs carbs

Well as we say YMMV, but after closely looking at all the pumps 
before selecting the Cozmo, I have to say that the single most 
important reason i selected the Cozmo was because it has the 
simplest, easiest and most reliable 'touch bolus' function.  You push 
one button as often as you want a preset increment, then it confirms 
back what you pressed, then you hit it again to say yes.  All with a 
little vibration.  Very discreet and very easy.  I use it for 80% of 
my meal boluses.

<<<<<<<<On the topic of is it a pain to go through all these steps to bolus.  I
initially thought it was going to be.  I am only using the cozmo for a
couple months as part of a study and I was so put off by what I thought
was a big step backwards from the quick bolus of my dtron, I'm not sure I
would have permanently switched to the cozmo.  But there are a couple of
factors.  There is a quick bolus button which does not go through the
menus.   I did find this to be more of a hassle and couldn't do the 
quick bolus w/o looking at the screen (since I had to wait for the 
confirmations and then
do the extra press) so I haven't been using it.>>>>>>>>>>>
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