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Re: [IP] Graphs and reports inquiry

My favorite graph is the "standard day" graph in my diabetes mentor 
software. It takes all of your reading over the last x days(you can specify 
how many days), and shows you basically an average line of what your bgs are 
doing on a daily basis. It makes it easy to spot trends such as going low 
after a specific meal on a reoccuring basis. This sounds somewhat like your 
"trends" ones listed below.

I also like to know my percentage of in-range, above range, and below range 
readings by category(ie pre-breakfast).

I would like to see carbs on the same graph as bgs.

I also like the others you listed, and use them fairly often.

Type 1 8 years, pumping 9 months

>I wanted to find out from everyone (Well, not EVERYONE...that would be
>nearly 4000 responses!) what types of reporting information that they
>find most useful for their diabetes. I'm talking about reports that can
>be printed out.  Specifically, other than the typical data itself, what
>types of charts or graphs do you find most useful.
>For example, how would you rank the following graphs in order of
>preference (add more if you don't see what you like):
>Graph of...
>* ...hourly "trends" by week (hour-by-hour averages and standard
>deviations over the past week)
>* ...hourly "trends" by month
>* ...hourly "trends" by past 3 months
>* ...actual BG levels over the past day (including showing targets)
>* ...actual BG levels over the past week (including showing targets)
>* ...actual BG levels over the past month (including showing targets)
>* ...average BG levels by categories (Pre/Post breakfast/lunch/dinner,
>* ...other data?
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