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[IP] Graphs and reports inquiry

I wanted to find out from everyone (Well, not EVERYONE...that would be 
nearly 4000 responses!) what types of reporting information that they 
find most useful for their diabetes. I'm talking about reports that can 
be printed out.  Specifically, other than the typical data itself, what 
types of charts or graphs do you find most useful.

For example, how would you rank the following graphs in order of 
preference (add more if you don't see what you like):

Graph of...
* ...hourly "trends" by week (hour-by-hour averages and standard 
deviations over the past week)
* ...hourly "trends" by month
* ...hourly "trends" by past 3 months
* ...actual BG levels over the past day (including showing targets)
* ...actual BG levels over the past week (including showing targets)
* ...actual BG levels over the past month (including showing targets)
* ...average BG levels by categories (Pre/Post breakfast/lunch/dinner, 
* ...other data?


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