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Re: [IP] cozmo to require me to think more

<<<<I am assuming here that you meant they show the number of carbs you
specified as opposed to the number of carbs the insulin delivered will
cover. It DOES record the actual number of units delivered.>>>>>

	Well the screen only says what you have PROGRAMMED, NOT what 
you have delivered.  It can be confusing because the history screen 
gives the carbs programmed  and the units programmed on separate 
screens.  if you change the units you want to bolus on occasion, like 
you indicated (i.e.,if you might be going to exercise and what less), 
then the 2 history screens for that bolus show different amounts 
PROGRAMMED.  I now know that units programmed screen really means 
units delivered, but why it doesn't say that is not clear.  I'm sure 
that others will be confused by this odd word usage.  If you want to 
know how much the pump actually delivered, it should very clearly 
state that.
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