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Re: [IP] cozmo dosing units vs carbs

> The quick bolus does do a 
> vibrate with each press and then does a confirmation vibrate at the end 
> where you need to press the button again to get the actual delivery.

This is exactly the same feature as the MM pumps have by pressing the up
arrow.  On the MM pumps you get .5 of a unit for each push of the button. 
It then beeps the amount of times you pushed the button and you then
confirm by pressing the ACT button.  On the Cozmo, you can set how much
you want each push of the quick bolus button to be, so it can be .5 or
1.0 each time you push the button.  It then beeps that many times and
you push a button to confirm before delivery.

As to Jan's question about speed of delivery, it is faster than the MM
delivery system.  However, if you like the slower delivery, you can set
the bolus to deliver over a 15 minute period, which would be a slower
delivery.  This is similar to the MM square wave feature, but the Cozmo
has 15 minute intervals and the MM has 1/2 hour intervals.

Judi in MI
email @ redacted
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