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[IP] re: New BD Meter

I didn't get the letter, but just this morning went to a focus group where
they were 
gathering consumer opinion about the new BD meter. As far as I could tell,
comparable to the One Touch Ultra in size and blood sample, with a
countdown to a result. There was no mention made of whether it had a
backlight or 
what the memory capacity was. They were also talking about having a lancet
with a 
thinner gauge, for what it's worth. Personally, after testing 15 times a
day every day, I 
don't even feel the lancets go in anymore....

Date: Fri, 7 Mar 2003 05:35:38 -0600
From: email @ redacted
Subject: [IP] New BD Meter

Did anyone get a letter from Minimed telling you that they were sending you
a new meter free of charge. Apparently MM has joined with BD (syringe
makers) and are marketing a new meter. I received my letter yesterday and
will get the meter monday-wednesday of next week. I went to BD's website
and viewed it and it does not look that bad. Has anyone else received this
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