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[IP] 3/7/03 Diabetes Digest: Tips for Affordable Life Ins.

Helpful Tips for Diabetics looking for Life Insurance

If you have diabetes and your condition is under control, you are most
likely paying too much for your life insurance. The majority of life
insurance carriers today are using old methods and old medical manuals when
determining the risk for controlled diabetes. This old method of lumping all
forms of diabetic risks into one group and underwriting the risk all the
same way is not only narrow minded but it is wrong. YOU ARE MOST LIKELY

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http://onlynet.net/diabetes.htm Or call Ian At 800-765-4311.

Finally, innovative life insurance companies have done their homework and
have followed the healthy life styles of individuals with diabetes who are
personally concerned about their condition and do all the right things to
keep their blood sugar level under control:

   *        They visit the doctor regularly.
   *        They check their blood sugar level on a regular basis.
   *        They are conscious of their diet.
   *        Overall, they take good care of themselves.

We've found one carrier to offer an innovative approach to underwriting.
This Life Insurance Company evaluates each risk individually and if they
find that the individual has a history of taking care of themselves and the
condition is under control they offer rates that are dramatically less
expensive than the typical carrier writing life insurance.

Consider this:
Male Non-Smoker Age 45; Purchasing $500,000 of 20 Year Term Insurance.
Condition: Diabetes Type I; taking 40 Units of Medication 2 times per day.
Condition under good control for last 12 months.
Rating by most Competitive Carrier Premium: $2,055 per year.

Rating by New Innovative Carrier: Preferred
Premium: $1,330 per year for the same coverage.

That is a $725 SAVINGS per year and over the 20-Year term would save

If you are currently paying for life insurance that has been rated because
of your diabetes, or if you are in the market to buy life insurance but were
afraid of the cost, now is the time to shop with innovative carriers.

Fill out an on-line form to get a quick quote at
http://onlynet.net/diabetes.htm Or call Ian At 800-765-4311.
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