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[IP] Info on Animas/MM/Dis

Jenny has had her Animas since December 2000. Never have we had a low
reservoir alarm beep every three minutes. The Animas has been a
wonderful piece of equipment. Please remember that one person's
complaint about a pump does not mean that has been a problem for everyone.

>to believe my next pump will be the Cozmo.  If the animas beeps every three
 > minutes for a low reservoir it isn't for me. My minimed beeps at 10 units
>then when i get a no delievery so i don't waste any insulin. <snip>

I have had my Animas since December 2000 also with two new upgrades for new
software.  I have also never had any of the erractic alarming that some say
they are getting upon empty resevoir, low battery, dead battery, etc.  Just
this past weekend - after 14 weeks on the same batteries I received a "low
battery".  Then you "confirm" the beep and it quits.  Then the manual says you
will have *approximately* 30 minutes of full battery power left.  I changed my
batteries about 5 hours later when I arrived home.  I did not get any
additional alarming re low battery during that time.  Once - just to find out
- I did leave the batteries in after low battery just to see how much longer
they lasted and then about 24 hours later I did get the "alarm" and a showing
of dead battery.  At this point the pump WILL continue to alarm until the
batteries are replaced but in my opinion the alarm SHOULD continue to go IF
you let the batteries completely die.
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